It was late last year when I ended up in an unfortunate situation, forcing me to put nearly all my things in storage far longer than intended while I’ve been living out of a cramped bedroom back home with barely two drawers to keep things.

How I ended up in that situation was not due to personal financial reasons but crappy timing. My rental lease was about to expire and I had planned to put everything in storage and move back home to my old bedroom only temporarily while I put together a down payment on a house. But then, my workplace chose to lay off a number of creative/production people and I lost my job. Thanks to them, it would now be difficult to secure a home loan while unemployed and my temporary living situation suddenly became indefinite…and it would be for an entire year.

During that time I worked on my personal business and brand and got back on my feet. So I’m very happy to report that soon all my things will be coming out of storage as I am currently closing on a new home.

So as I finish closing over the next few weeks and getting moved back in, I’d like to rewind to exactly one year ago to talk about something else that resulted from that bad situation: the opportunity to experience a grand adventure to the west living only in my vehicle.

The opportunity of a lifetime

Hours after being booted out the door of my former work, I sat in an Irish pub staring into a glass of Guinness and asking myself that familiar question of all those who’ve been in my shoes: “What now?”

I knew for certain that I didn’t want to head back to work right away. I needed a break from all of that and as the holidays was quickly approaching, I knew many clients and businesses would be radio silent until the season was over.

As I hadn’t taken a vacation in a while, now was the perfect time to do so. Going somewhere warm and spending time relaxing on a beach and photographing scenery didn’t sound like a bad idea to me at all.

I don’t know many who dislike traveling, but I especially like to travel as I’ve always been very curious and adventurous. I occasionally hop in my car during a lazy afternoon and drive somewhere random on a map just to discover what’s there, and I’ve learned of a lot of unique spots this way. Occasionally I daydreamed about being free of obligations so I could simply travel the country, photograph new places and finding out where the next adventure would take me next.

Suddenly I realized I was exactly in that situation. I’ve been jobless before, but always had a household to maintain between jobs. Now with no home, job, bills nor responsibilities, I had all the time in the world to go where I wanted and do what I wanted and had no “final day of vacation.” This would probably be the only time in my life I could do anything like this.

So as I finished my beer it was decided: with little thought on where to go I decided right then that I was going to hop in my car, live where I wanted and follow wherever the road would take me.

Logistics, first

Over the next series of posts, I’ll tell you where I went and what I did while out on the road for a month. But there were basic necessities to take care of before I could accomplish all that.

Next time: A crash course on living in your vehicle